Meet everyone in the Olobob Top forest!


Tib is energetic, strong-willed and eager for adventure. He can also be a little foolhardy, and spontaneous, which can land him in a spot of trouble! He sees himself as the leader of their little family and is always there to help. Tib loves to laugh, organise, read stories to Bobble and, of course, make things.


Lalloo is thoughtful and caring - yet extremely strong-minded. She likes having fun while doing the right thing. Sometimes she can get carried away and it can make her sad when things don't go the Olobob's way. Lalloo loves making new friends and getting people together. She has lots of great ideas, and is great at sharing them!


Bobble is the youngest Olobob. He's a bright and sparky reactive ball of contradictions. But he's cheeky, loveable and loves playing games. He is also surprisingly incisive, often getting to the nub of a problem before even the older Olobobs. Bobble has the important task of naming all the characters they create on the Olobob Top.


Gurdy is a sort of wild pet who often joins the Olobobs on their adventures. He likes napping... a lot! When he goes for a nap he disappears into his shell and looks just like a rock. Gurdy speaks in the language of chirrups and purrs. No one actually knows how old Gurdy is...


Norbet is a shopkeeper and he's determined to be the best shopkeeper in the world. He loves 'stuff', exploring, playing music and is fascinated by everything. His catchphrase is "Oh my!".


Deeno is very happy-go-lucky. He has boundless energy and loves digging holes, playing tricks and was once voted the 'tidiest person in the forest'! He likes holding parties and joining in the fun and games wherever the Olobobs are.


Crunch is good in a crisis, and loves to take charge. She has lots of sparky ideas and plans - she once turned her home in to a library. She's clever and chirpy and loves having the Olobobs around.


Lemon is a rather morose creature. For Lemon life is full of uncertainty, and she is always having to learn to open up and embrace the fun around her. Lemon is often found in surprising places. No one really knows where Lemon lives...

Big Fish

Big Fish is huge! She loves telling stories, and being philosophical. What's more, she really enjoys splashing everyone!