Series 2!

Series 2!

April 20, 2019

We’ve been having lots of fun creating a second series of Olobob Top!

26 brand new episodes will begin on CBeebies in the UK from 22nd April 2019, at 10:40am every weekday. The stories include adventures underwater, flying in the sky, and all around the forest. We get to meet Witchy Woo, Catapilla, Pancake Petey, and lots more. Plus we see the return of Grannybob! And a new favourite – Queen Forest, who wants to rule over the Olobobs and all their friends!

There’s new songs, and the characters have to overcome new problems, like taking plasters off, finding a talent, persevering against all the odds, waking up on time, and eating new foods. But as always, everyone in the forest supports one another and works as a team, encouraging friendship and our mantra of creative play.

We hope you enjoy the new episodes of Olobob Top! Tune in, or catch-up on BBC iPlayer. And if you live elsewhere in the world, we hope it comes to your screens soon! We’ll definitely be in Australia again, on ABC, and other brilliant places.

Cast and Crew of Olobob Top series 2!

Cast and Crew of Olobob Top series 2! Including the co-creators (extreme right) and the voices of Tib, Lalloo, Bobble, Queen Forest, Crunch and Big Fish!