Olobob Top launches in Finland!

Olobob Top launches in Finland!

September 21, 2017

We’re delighted to announce that Olobob Top is coming to glorious Finland, courtesy of YLE channel Pikku Kakkonen (or Tiny 2).

The first episode begins on Monday 20th November at 5pm, and the series has been renamed Poppelikumpu – which we think is a beautiful name!

We were fortunate enough to spend our summer holidays in Finland this year, travelling around the archipelago near Turku. Composed of something like 300,000 islands with little bridges between them and ferries to catch now and then, it’s a wonderland of beautiful beaches, stunning vistas, and lapping water. Indeed, weirdly that area of Finland has no tide – the water level stays the same day and night. How odd!

But what we really went there for was as a long overdue pilgrimage to Moominworld, which sits on it’s own island just off the mainland. The Moomins are a huge inspiration to us and we were desperate to take our small children there and immerse ourselves in their world and culture. It’s poles apart from Disneyland (never been) and we loved it. Ideally we’d have had the time and resources to visit Moomin-creator Tove Jansson’s island, where she wrote and drew about the Moomin’s adventures, but it was just a touch too far to make this year.

But hooray for Olobob Top making the journey to Finland, and in it’s guise of Poppelikumpu we know it’ll be a small but happy sidekick to the majestic Moomins!


Olobob Top visits Moominworld