Olobob Top Creative Makes

Olobob Top Creative Makes

November 18, 2017

We love watching our children be creative in their play, learning through creative activities and games – whether that’s with those plastic block thingies, or engineering some massive train track design, or a humble piece of paper re-invented as a Christmas tree decoration. Ingenuity and making-it-up are two of the hallmarks of being a child!

So over the coming months we’ll be sharing a whole host of Olobob Top craft ideas that are easy to follow, and you can download and print them at home to incentivize your child. They’ll be fun to do and make; some will take longer than others (but that’s why it’s an activity!); many of them will feature your favourite characters; and best of all they’ll be made from the very same bunch of shapes, colours and textures that make up the world of Olobob Top! So in a way, you’ll be creating part of the show with your child.

To kick off, we’ve invented a 3D STANDING TREE ADVENT CALENDAR for the exciting build-up to CHRISTMAS!! There’s a bauble for every day in December up to the big one on 25th. Why not get your child to colour one a day, and stick it on the tree!

To help, there’s a simple how-to-make video on our YouTube channel (or below!), so check that out first, then get downloading, colouring and sticking. Have fun! And watch out for more ‘creative makes’ on the Activities page and social media (@olobobtop) soon!

Olobob Top Creative Makes Olobob Top Creative Makes Olobob Top Creative Makes Olobob Top Creative Makes