Musical Mash Up

Musical Mash Up

September 30, 2018

Now that series 1 has played out on CBeebies in the UK, we thought we would make a catchy musical montage of all the best Olobob songs! Looking back, it’s amazing to hear all of them together. There’s quite a range, but they’re all loads of fun, and guaranteed to get your little ones jumping about.

We are planning a second mash up, with all the softer, sleepy and gentle songs, so stay tuned for that.

These songs are all composed by our musical maestro David Schweitzer, who is utterly brilliant. We wanted to work with David because of his ability to play almost anything, go with some of our brazen off-the-wall instrument choices, and sew it all together with love and some alchemy that makes his songs memorable to the point of becoming ear-worms!

There’s lots more music being written for series 2, so look out for that next year!!!