Let's Visit the Olobobs - Board Book!

The exciting world of Olobob Top comes in all shapes, colours and sizes! Say hello to Tib, Lalloo, Bobble and all their friends! They are made of shapes too. Who wears a triangle dress? Who is sleeping underneath a semi-circle shell? And what are those BIG long rectangle shapes stomping through the Olobob Forest? Lift the flap to find out...

Bloomsbury's Olobob Top series allows children to extend and explore their own creativity, just like the Olobobs, whether it's by learning new shapes and numbers or creating their own imaginative world.

Make Your Own Olobob Home - Activity Book!

Tib, Lalloo and Bobble need comfy furniture for their tree house, Crunch wants to decorate her home with acorn stickers and Deeno has tidied EVERYTHING away and now his room is empty! Can you find the stickers they need to make them feel at home?

In this creative sticker book from the exciting new CBeebies series, you can make amazing tree houses, dens, shops and forests out of so many stickers. Bring the whole world of Olobob Top to life with colour and let your imagination free!

Let's Visit Norbet's Shop - Board Book!

The Olobobs are having a party for Gurdy, but one thing is missing... a present! Join Tib, Lalloo, and Bobble on their trip to Norbet's shop to find the perfect gift for Gurdy's important and exciting day! Based on the hit CBeebies series, Olobob Top.

Lift the flaps and uncover yummy cakes, balloons, hats, and the many wonders of Norbet's shop!

The Amazing World of Olobob Top

What fun we can have with the Olobobs! Olobob Forest is full of shapes, colours and.adventures! Help Big Fish find her pretty thing, get lost in the underground tunnel with Deeno, play hide-and-seek with Lalloo and Bobble and make a constellated maze across the sky.

This amazing activity and sticker book, based on the widely successful CBeebies series, welcomes little ones to the amazing world of Olobob Top with engaging and colourful activities!

Let's Visit Big Fish's Pond

Join Tib, Lalloo and Bobble on their exciting trip to see Big Fish and all things big and small.

A brilliantly fun introduction to sizes and proportion for little ones with lots of lift-the-flap surprises. Help the Olobobs look out for small fish, big rocks and an even BIGGER boat.

The Olobobs and Friends: Activity and Sticker Book

All the friends in the Olobob Forest come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and each and every one is important! Meet Gurdy, Lemon and Norbet, along with Crunch, Deeno, Groan Up and even the Snoofs, Scuttles and the Topsy Turvies! What Olobob friends will you make?

This brilliant activity and sticker book welcomes little ones to become part of the amazing world of Olobob Top with engaging and colourful activities! Have fun helping all the Olobob friends - draw a picture of yourself on Lalloo's friendship wall, help Baby Snoof get back to the nest and get dressed for Deeno's disco party. Complete the pages with colourful stickers and create your very own Olobob characters!